Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heebee Post #1045 - Pamela Gerard - San Francisco, California - USA

 This perfectly Heebee Jeebee decorated correspondence sure made the bills that accompanied it in my mail box seem insignificant.  Ever notice that Mail Art, especially good Mail Art as seen above, really makes the impact of the other mail pale in comparison?  Gotta hand it to Pamela, she sure captured the 4th Dimension spirit with this extra-dimensional communique from some distant String Theory universe. Seen in person, that swath of gold in the center is dreamily shimmery, adding to it's glorious other worldly presence.

And on the reverse side, I'm getting a pretty good sense of fun from this interesting artist. This rubber stamping and the "The Mailbox is a Museum"  are rather confirming that feeling.
In a very pleasant note, Pamela is referring to the incredible Ex Postal Facto  happening in Feb. next year in San Francisco (See Post #1038).  It will be a wonderful time had by all (especially me) and I will be quite glad to meet you too Pamela.  Yes, trading some Mail Art is definitely in our future my new friend. I love this card and note and eagerly await next Feb. Thank you and find me in the mail soon.

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