Friday, April 4, 2014

Heebee Post #1097 - Carina Granlund - Petsmo - Finland

 Carina sends in this remarkable postal achievement that contains a colorful array of interesting features.

The most notable of which is this wizardly visage of Triangle Post's C.T.Chew. This "Forever" self portrait made by Carl is an incredible stamp that I have not seen before. As readers of this blog know, I am a big fan of Carl's and my collection of his Artistamps is growing nicely. I find the mechanisms of Mail Art sometimes hold fascinating surprises for those that participate in the paper sport. Carl Chew lives about 80 miles from me and I just received a stamp that I did not have of his from Finland! I enjoy pausing for a moment to think about things like this. The Eternal Network has never been more Eternal!

 Inside the busily decorated handmade envelope was this smaller carefully crafted envelope that contained a three paneled, folding mixed media picture that seems to have it's own glowing energy.
 It's almost like Carina mapped out the energy flow chart that goes on within her little universe.

Another interesting feature in Carina's image filled menagerie, is this unusual Artistamp of Indian Ralph. I was not aware of Perry Mancusi or Indian Ralph and this makes it even more of a peculiar relic. Who made this stamp? Here is all I could find about this mysteriously cavalier character. Mancusi and some friends from Long Island, NY bought some land in Salmon Creek California in the early 70's. He began spending the winter months in Kauai, a Hawaiian Island, and became a local character there too. The stamp itself is intriguing with obscurity, especially with the strange pose he adapted for the portrait.

 Another Artistamp of note: This one by Irene Dogmatic as a commemorative for her dog "'Jack" - Great Stamp!
I saw Irene at the Ex Postal Facto Show in San Francisco last Feb.and traded something to her for this large colorful postcard seen below. This one is called "No place like home"and looks fabulous seen first hand. I hadn't seen Irene in decades and it was nice to see she is still at it!

 The other side of the three paneled postcard.
The detail in Carina's card is like an odd boulevard for your eyes to take a pleasant drive through. As if a happy drama of life being lived.

 The front of the decorated envelope is as fun and as busy as the reverse side.

This side, however, has official Finnish postage. "I Love Postcrossing" - Looks like the Finns are taking mail art somewhat seriously. Thank you very much Carina - Love your folding card and killer stamps. See you in the mail soon.

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