Thursday, April 24, 2014

Heebee Post #1102 - Sally Wurlitzer - San Francisco, California - USA

 I was lucky enough to meet Sally during the splendid opening evening soiree for the "Mail/Art/Book Exhibition - Day one of the three day, now legendary, Ex Postal Facto in San Francisco last Feb.

I really dig Sally's fascinating "Wurlitzerworld"  XPF stamps.  Instuctionalistic and diagramical (are those real words?), Sally shares a sort of Mail Art reverie with the viewer.  These little beautiful celebrations of the "Mechanics of Mailing" allow us to understand each step - and so you may experience an "Aha!" moment with each of them! I love stuff like this.
 The busy sheet, in it's entirety, is nearly overwhelming.
Sure makes the "Science of Mail" easy to under- stand! An odd feeling of importance is found within the dotted circle - Scientifical Folk Art!

Hello letter, where do you go?  Far, far away, it said.

Collection time at the magic box.
 This special Fluxus rubber stamp, seen on the front of the envelope, was given to me, by Sally, when we were introduced by a beaming Jack Lattemann of well known Cascadia Artpost fame. I have been using  this little rascal on everything I have sent out since that show! Love, love, love it! Thanks very much!
I am glad to have met you Sally and I look forward to our future exchanges - something in the mail for you too! And I really must thank you for your XPF duties as well. What a memorable event! Check out "Wurlitzerworld" for a walk around the art block with Sally W! See ya in the mail my new friend.


  1. Hi Ron -- thanks for the awesome write up! It was really great to meet you in person after reading your blog (which is it's own awesome-ness!). Love the new XPF tattoo stamp! xox -Sally

  2. Sally is the BEST! And I agree with everything she said above me here....