Friday, April 11, 2014

Heebee Post #1099 - Stewart Charlebois - Langley, British Columbia - Canada

Stewart's "Food Stamps", as he calls them, are lovingly depicted in a mouth watering, simple, noble wholesomeness that is a grand spectacle of  physical differences and taste. The fantastic is always a part of our daily lives, if only we would look at things fantastically. When common things are seen in the light of the unique role they play, our appreciation of everything - yes, they should be celebrated. It is the little things that make the world go 'round and when they are beheld in an austere yet, clever artistic examination - done in such a humbleness, albeit a 'tongue in cheek' humbleness, they become almost magical observations!. 
Stewart's "Sub Urban Post" sure seems to encompass versatile style and an odd array of subject matter (our favorite). For instance, the "Sub Urban Chinchilla Round up". Whew! 
 I never get tired of these various colorful vintage  "Via Air Mail" stickers. Gorgeous and inspiring!
Stewart also included a friendly note that informed he received a post card from Ex Postal Facto (from whom?) that had my own XPF Rubber Stamping and my XPF Fisherman Artistamp on it. That does seem to render me into a jolly paper sportsman of the Postal Age.  The Eternal Network grows and lives on! Thank you very much Stewart - I love the Earthy tone of reverent celebration in his  "Food Stamps" plateblock. Stewart, do you happen to know Dosankodebbie in Japan? Those stamps bear a pretty good resemblance to an art she is valiantly studying and producing -  and actually has a mail call for: Etegami Notebook: Received. And her own clever work:  Dosankodebbie's Etegami. If you aren't familiar with Debbie's stuff, you really should be.  Classy, witty, and fun to know, she is the real deal. See you in the mail Stewart!


  1. Thanks Test Tower. I got the Ex Postal Facto postcard from the the infamous Cascadia Art Post. Like much great Mail art, it was wonderfully unexpected. As for Dosankodebbie, I am familiar with her work, and have had the pleasure of hearing from her in the mail. Great work she does!.

  2. Hi Stewart, I suspected that postcard may have been from Jack (Cascadia). He sent out a goodly sized pile of them at the XPF Expo during the pandemonium of fun in San Francisco recently. Cascadia Artpost rocks! That led to our postal acquaintance - and the Eternal Network grows. Nice to know you Stewart and thank you, again, for those remarkable stamps. Something interesting is on it's way to your mail box and I am very much looking forward to some cool postal exchanges. Cheers, Test