Monday, April 21, 2014

Heebee Post #1101 - William L Philyaw - Shawnee, Kansas - USA

 Fluxus Girl going undercover?  Here she is shown in rather obscure garb, leaning on the Penpost, waiting for the next posting that she will be in -  like a bus stop - and that bus has just arrived!
A lot of William's work uses photoshop extensively but, this is one of those more "Pure Philyaw" ensembles; where he demonstrates the utter sharpness of his Exacto blade in rendering this "New Fluxus Girl Mission".

Nefarious as she is sweet, Fluxus Girl is starting to play a more integral role in Heebee Jeebeeland affairs. Here, she is seen in her more usual attire.

Thank you very much William, for puttin' Fluxus Girl in the more important perspective not many have known about. Find out more about William's powerfully peculiar Mail Art site here: ADDRESSEE.

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