Monday, April 7, 2014

Heebee Post #1098 - Theo Nelson (Whimsy and Colour) - Calgary, Alberta - Canada

 Theo's "Spring Acknowledgement" was actually sent in a few weeks ago but, it sure didn't feel like Spring yet. Winter finally seems to be wearing thin these last couple of days; when suddenly, today,  a sunny burst of the transforming, life renewing, green vanguard of a new beginning season pierced through the long murky days of the colder one. Ah, glorious Spring once again! Just feel the power around you!
Theo's "Seasonal Greetings" are always right on target. "Life pokes through" - great line for the heart of a poem. Happy Spring everybody! I sure like the clouds when it doesn't rain. Thank you very much Theo for zeroing in on what makes the seasons tick. See you in the mail quite soon! Colour and Whimsy - Theo Nelson Art.

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