Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heebee Post #32 - Shivablack - Berlin - Germany

Shiva B. has arrived on the Island in full regalia for her exquisite "Glamour Vacation". This stunning work is A4 in size and seems even twice as big! She is the Fashion Sensation that has the Confuse-a-Tron Lounge area buzzing with curiousity from the other visitors. What is your desire here your Majesty?
Another part of her exotic entourage is this fabulous royal purple postcard. She writes: "Bring the music to Heebee Jeebee" and she did! Enclosed is an awesome CD with an assortment of coolness. Starting off with the one and only Ms. Nina Hagen whom I adore and have seen in San Francisco. Yes!
This very large envelope I found under my mail box. I knew right away this had to be good! Thanks Shiva B., this really is marvelous and I love it! And thanks for choosing the 4th Dimension for your posh vacation! Want more of this exciting Artist? Look here:


  1. Wow how nice that you´ve had roll out the red carpet..that wasn´t nessesary..but it feels damn good!! ;-) And now I need a drink and some hansome girls with a big fan... lol