Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heebee Post #41 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, BC - Canada

Governments around the world continue their eavesdropping in a relentless effort to digest the secrets of Trans-Dimensional travel and the very existence of the 4th Dimension on Heebee Jeebee Island. Rest assured that these "secrets" will remain secure so that the Island will continue to offer a complete vacation escape from any  bureaucracies that could ruin the freedom of any citizen from any country to participate in the extraordinary fun.  
Lorraine returns to the Island with her particular brand of humor to remind us that we are never completely free from those who might try to control how we do what we do or if we can even do it! Thanks very much for your great postcard. The comical Chef seen here is to remind us of her project "Feed Me"!  Find it by clicking this:

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