Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heebee Post #48 - Jennifer Zoellner - St. Petersburg, FL - USA

Fe-Mail Artist Jennifer Zoellner returns to the Island and this lucky girl is quickly becoming the envy of the other guests by having contracted the Jeebee Measles. What a wonderful time she will have as everyone here knows this experience is no "calamity" or "illness". In fact, it is quite the contrary. Even a few hours of Jeebee Measles will enhance your intellect and physical beauty. Upon returning to our 3-D reality, your friends and family will marvel at the "new you". Island visitors regard this as similar to winning the lottery. Lucky girl indeed! 
Here she writes "Let's do it. Let's be Mail Artists"! Well, I can understand her zeal for Mail Art since it has made her more beautiful and much smarter! We really like the "Fe-Mail Artist" artistamp and also that other artistamp "Ritalin - So much easier than parenting",  which I suspect may have been of Wackystuff origin. Thanks Jen for this great card! Folks, have you "Chromatophored" yet? Find her fabulous project

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  1. Hey Test, Glad something can make me beautiful!! Ha! The "Ritalin" was just a sticker I picked up along the way... Lulu added the minnie mouse sticker... Thanks for the Chromo plug... XOXOXOXO