Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heebee Post #36 - Medwolf - Battleford, Saskatchewan - Canada

This colorful Island ritual mask was discovered deep into the jungle during the last expedition along the Trans-4D Frontier. Medwolf was included in that party and now seeks to conduct his own research along the Frontier stretch of irreality known as "The Edge."

Looks like Medwolf possesses the neccessary skills that are required for 4-D Island exploration and survival on the Trans-4D Frontier. The rare qualifiers that do must be of an instinctive and hearty breed. And, besides, David Zack may very well be out there......somewhere........
Thanks very much for your colorful and interesting Mail Art. We are certainly glad to have you return to the Island. Happy hunting my friend. To get an idea of Medwolf's credentials, see this: http://medwolfcamp.piczo.com/

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