Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heebee Post #38 - William L. Philyaw - Shawnee, KS - USA

Upon arrival to the Island, it might be a good idea for first time visitors to drop into the "4-D Tourist Bureau" to acquaint and orient one's self with this brave new world that is both exciting and adventure filled. This cosmopolitan woman, having visited the Bureau, is now better prepared and ready for her 4-D paradise vacation.
William speculates that this card may have been made by the Heebee Tourist Bureau themselves to promote the Island as a vacation destination. The lucky model chosen was a beauty.
William's return to the Island is great news for the locals as he is certainly a favorite here. And, once again, a lovely array of great vintage postage. Thank you very much for your "Tour #2" Art. An entrance to the Philyaw mail art world begins here:

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