Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heebee Post #49 - Keith Buchholz - St. Louis, MO - USA

This gorgeous A4 sized vintage travel magazine, from Fluxus/St.louis, shows just how long the popularity and intrigue of Heebee Island has captured the public's interest. The colorful cover boasts "Sex crazed Art Colony waits for you" and many here have found that to be, in fact, true to a degree. The 4th Dimension is a wonderful playground for all types of activities and the uninhibited atmosphere of the Island does lend itself as a perfect "arena" for such physical delights. Visitors should, however, exhibit discretion in these matters as this is a family vacation destination. Keith also writes this cryptic message: "If he's got a face, he'll want a Heebee Jeebee". One can only speculate on his meaning. Thank you Keith for this very cool and entertaining art. For information regarding this artist: www.blogger.com/profile/08749723050854486743

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