Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heebee Post #254 - Jennie Hinchcliff (Pod Post) - San Francisco, CA - USA

This beautiful 4-D Herb Shop card arrived today from Jennie Hinchcliff of recent "Good Mail Day" fame. The 4th Dimension specialty shops are full of wonderful alternative-world goodies and sundry items.
The celebrated "Good Mail Day" book about Mail Art is the brainchild of Jennie H. and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler. They spent about a year creating this glorious tome and it is an epic - for the beginner and the seasoned Mail Art Vet alike. I received this GMD merit badge from these super gals a couple of months ago, right after I received a complimentary copy of the book for contributing to their project. Although I hadn't posted this badge until now, I am certainly very proud to own one. Yes, I am.
Accompanying the badge, these cool ladies sent this authenticated certificate- with their thumbprints! They are so adorable! Together they comprise the dynamic and popular "Pod Post", a brilliant Mail Art world unto itself. Find it right here: Pod Post.
Thank you very much Jennie for the great stuff - especially the copy of your fabulous book - which you can find on their site: Good Mail Day. So nice to find you back in the 4th Dimension my dear. See you in the mail soon!

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