Friday, February 19, 2010

Heebee Post #270 - Miche-Art-Universalis - Merksplas - Belgium

"A picture from my Dream World in a land of Lords and Ladies between Butterflies". Looks like the Heebee Resort will be rockin' with this crowd in the Confuse-A-Tron Lounge!
Miche writes that the above Envelope Decorating Mail Call theme should be either "1001 nights" or "My favorite Fairy Tale".
This Mail Call asks for "Places" postcards - preferably of your own home town, city or village. No deadline.
Miche is having fun in the 4th Dimension with his fun loving group of friends - a whole entourage of "Lords and Ladies". Thank you very much Miche - looks like its party time on the old Island tonight!

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