Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heebee Post #266 - Giovonni Strada (StraDA DA - Ravenna) - Ravenna - Italy

Stowaways smuggle themselves into the 4th Dimension rather frequently. Here we see a happy pair bursting from their hiding place as soon as this "Cargo" crate lands on Heebee Island. Never has there been a more excited couple than these two upon realizing their successful journey!
Archimede Pitagorico (Pythagoras) is a fictional character from Walt Disney cartoons and comics (1950's), but this fellow looks more like Daffy Duck. "Chi L'ha Visto"? or "Who has seen"? Oh wondrous DA DA, where would Mail Art be without you?
Ginger and Fred also appear in the "Parade of Stars" at the Confuse-A-Tron Lounge. You won't want to miss this live action Famous Duo.
Giovanni's visit to the 4th Dimension is such a gas! The Island is honored to find the Stradada Foundation having a grand time here. Beautiful Fluxus work from Italia to entertain the guests of Heebee Jeebeeland. Thank you very much Giovanni - Where does Fluxus draw the line and differ from Mail Art? Great stuff for Islanders to meditate on!

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