Sunday, February 21, 2010

Heebee Post #274 - Karin Winter - Colorado Springs, CO - USA

The Heebee Jeebee Love Boat sets sail for a three hour tour of 4-D Jungle lagoons. The crew sure appears festive! And just get a load of the "Cocodrilo" Artistamp. Nice! Also seen here is a "Good Mail Day" sticker from the Pod Post Mail Art book - love that book!
Karin arrives on the Island with a gorgeous decorated envelope that states "I am an empty envelope, so do not open me". Obviously, she tries to fool us by throwing us off course for finding the prize within! - 3 minutes later - Well, guess she was right - good thing I scanned the envelope before I foolishly opened it, rendering it into a shredded mess! Heh - heh. Thank you very much Karin and welcome to the 4th Dimension. This busy Artist really has got it goin' on - find out here: Karin Winter Art. Very cool website!

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