Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heebee Post #261 - Art Tower (Gunter Schwind) - Aschaffenburg - Germany

One of the Oracles that stand at the entrance to the Dimension famous Heebee Resort area. This postcard from my dear cousin Arty is actually from a snap he took while visiting me here - in the 4th Dimension. Yes, he really did visit me last September and we had a memorable time of it. Hopefully Gunter will return this September (crossing my fingers and hoping).
Beautiful Art Tower IUOMA Artistamps (45 Tents). Sweet! Gunter is well known by the locals here on the Island and the pounding of jungle drums in the distance verifies that. Nice to see you again my dear friend. Find more of cousin Arty here: Art Tower Mail Art. Thanks Gunter.

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