Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heebee Post #386 - Eduardo Cardoso - Sines - Portugal

Ever been in a very loud chaotic rock concert and found that space in your mind where nothing gets disturbed, just a peaceful clarity and you just hang out there for a while? Sure feels good!
This inner envelope held the spiritual observation seen at top inside. "Nihilistic prayers" - This got me thinking. The two together struck me as a clever concept. Can we call you 'ZenDaDa' Cardoso? Nice one Eddie!
Always a pleasure to find Eduardo in the 4th Dimension. The Islanders really enjoy his visits and this is a great one. Thank you very much my friend - you got the 'cryptical envelopement' happening with you. Eddie can be found lurking in his Paranormal Mail Art site if you would like to see more - he is always up to something interesting. Also: that postage stamp on the upper right is quite special. It features very shimmery silver metallic glass lenses in the spectacles that when scanned came out as you see them here. The change is remarkable! Way to go Portugal Post office!


  1. HAHAHAHAH! ZenDaDa! That's a nice one, TT. I think I'll use that name in the future. It's good to see that my mail art arrived there.
    Happy Mail Art!

    Eduardo ZenDaDa Cardoso :)

  2. Ha ha! I like it too for you! Wear it in good health my friend - you earned it on that one!
    Cheers, Test