Monday, July 19, 2010

Heebee Post #391 - Ruud Janssen / TAM Rubber Stamp Archives and Publications - Breda - Netherlands

I am happy to report that some of my rubber stamp collection will now be officially archived at TAM by Ruud Janssen. If you do not know who Ruud is and you are a Mail Artist and/or Fluxist - you should find out. He does a lot for the genre and is the creator of IUOMA and many fine publications of the Mail Art universe. All of the rubber stamps seen on the above sheet are mine - I'll be sending those back to Ruud tomorrow morning.
I really didn't have a Heebee Jeebeeland 'Fluxus' rubber stamp per se, so I made one and now it is official! I'll be sending this out for others to add their own.
Thank you for the friendly words and for sending the archive sheets Ruud. Various IUOMA coolness can be ordered from Cafe Press as seen above.
Also included in the envelope is this interesting 'Cryptic Eclipse' card by Ruud.
Nice to see Ruud on the Island. I have to tip my hat to him because I know he cares and works tirelessly behind the scenes for this form of Art. Thanks my friend - it is all appreciated very much, by many.

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