Friday, July 30, 2010

Heebee Post #396 - Thompson - Clearwater, Florida - USA

This super 4-D window into another universe is both vibrant and spectacular. It has that hard to define odd 'eternal' feel to it. Very Heebee Jeebee - this one really takes me away!
More of Thompson's brilliant work. Like being in the middle of ancient, mysterious riddles.
This healthy 'Add and Pass' was also in the envelope. I'll be passing that along after I add a little more on.
This unusual line up of oddities is actually a mail call (see the bottom portion). Sounds like fun. .......................occult artifacts?
One step beyond! These collages are wonderful and ponderous - lovely work.
Welcome to the 4th Dimension Thompson. Thank you very much for all the Art - loved all of it. Certainly looks like they all belong here - in fact, they are home now! See you in the mail my friend!

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