Friday, October 8, 2010

Heebee Post #421 - Marcia Cirillo - McKinney, Texas - USA

I had the extreme pleasure of pulling this gorgeous 'Fluxus Affair' out of the mail box today. It really is a beauty. I just love her 'thinking it over' while the intensity is off the chart. Marcia has it going on with this submission!
And get a load of this "Fluxus Navigator"! It puts out "Solid Flux"! Unbelievable! I like Marcia's superb sense of humor here.
Inside this entertaining envelope package was several other odd paper artifacts - such as this interesting little card.
The envelope is quite a sensation by itself. I am sure happy to have Marcia on the Affair. And note the exquisite vintage postage seen here. I remember when that United Nations stamp came out in 1965 - loved it then too (I was a collector). She also included a very nice note with her art. I love very nice notes. Thank you very much Marcia. See you in the mail soon.

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