Sunday, October 17, 2010

Heebee Post #426 - Roland Halbritter - Nuedlingen - Germany

Roland visits the Affair with this superb little Artistbook documenting his "Art Carree" mail art project. Roland has assembled a modular composition on the page to the left and the corresponding artists pick all or one of the panels to reassemble in their own style on the right. In the above case, the distinctive style of guest artist Fraenz Frisch (Luxembourg). Nice job Fraenz!
The unassuming cover for the little Doc-Zine "Kunst"? ("Art"?) 14 Artists from around the world - all are quite good - some brilliant (see Spathi's below). Although the little artistbook is rather small, it does give a lovely glimpse of what must have been a very enjoyable exhibition.
Litsa Spathi's work (Netherlands) always takes me by surprise. I love her Fluxus Poetry approach and she is beginning to influence my work. Great stuff!
Here, Roland hosts the lively guest artist Servane Morel (Belgium). This one is just bursting with glee! Nice interpretation Servane. Gorgeous!
Also included in the envelope were these cool Johnson-esque Bunny Artiststamps.
Thanks very much for the Documentation Artistbook Roland - I enjoyed it very much. I'm sure everyone who saw that exhibition in Schweinfurt must have seen a good show. Life size, these must have been a knockout! Glad to have you on the Affair. You can visit Roland's Mail Art Gallery or check out the experimental "The Pink Correspondent School" (Angela Behrendt and Roland Halbritter). Looks like a gas! See you in the mail Mr. Halbritter.

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