Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heebee Post #430 - Richart (Richard Tracy) - Centralia, Washington - USA

The above card was sent into the Affair by my incredible friend and neighbor that lives about 150 yards away from me. Richart is a local celebrity and maintains an 'Art Yard' which is about an acre in size and surrounds his entire home. He is a very prolific sculptural artist and painter and has many visitors everyday. We are very close friends and sometimes pull off interesting 'art stunts' together.
This is a card that I made in 2009 for the 4th Dimension Territories Project. That is Richart seen here with one of his many creations of which his enormous yard is inhabited with. He is unique and lovable and I'm sure glad I got to show him off here, on the Affair. Thank you very much my old friend. Anybody a little more curious about this unusual artist? Check here: RichArt's Art Yard. If you visit him - tell him Test Tower sent you - and get the royal tour!

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