Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heebee Post #441 - Dmitry Babenko - Krasnodar - Russia

Dmitry drops by the Affair with this magnificent Fluxus 'glyph'. It is large (A4) and has a great Dada nobility to it. The construction is of a robust masonry nature and is almost like a section of mysterious ancient wall. This is a fantastic work by the veteran Mail Artist. I absolutely love this piece and I shall mount it above my Art desk. It is exquisite. Bravo!
The very large envelope arrived completely without any bending! This alone is astonishing. Great job Postal people! And thank you very much for this wonderful Fluxus Affair submission Dmitry. I wish you folks could see this piece in person - it really takes you away! Something special for you in the mail soon Dmitry!


  1. Hey cousin have a look at grandkid nr.4

  2. Hi Test!
    Thank you very much for you beautiful mai art!
    All the best