Monday, October 11, 2010

Heebee Post #422 - Ross Priddle (Bentspoon) - Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Ross's new visit to the Affair includes this poignant little booklet "Mail Art's Eternal Network" (2001). There are many submissions from various artists, but the main deal here is Vittorre Baroni's brilliant take on what makes Mail Art tick. A fascinating effort, edited and produced by none other than the Sticker Dude (Joel Cohen). What you see above is the cover. I have always loved the term "The Eternal Network" for Active Mail Artists.
This is the reverse cover and includes a synopsis of what occurs within. This fine publication may be nearly 10 years old, but it remains a very smart treatise on the disposition of the genre. Well done fellas!An 'Add & pass' with just Ross and myself so far. This one will be back in the mail very soon.- on to the next person. This is the cover for "GAR" #60 - a little zine-ish publication by Bentspoon (Ross). This one includes Litsa Spathi, Cascadia Artpost (cover) and Ross himself.
You can see Ross's rubber stamped image here saying "Calgary DX Club". He was intrigued by my collection of "DX" and "QSL" rubber stamps from all over the world - I have many - (see Post #391). These handsome rubber stamps are from the 50's 60's and 70's and were used by Ham radio operators around the globe. Art Tower was visiting from Germany last year when he and myself (the two Towers) found these in the attic of an obscure antique store. Thank you very much Ross - that Eternal Network booklet is very cool - very glad to have it. I suppose a salute to Barorni and the Sticker Dude is in order as well. You can read all about Ross's Mail Art and Fluxus antics here: Bentspoon.

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  1. Hey, thanks Test! Great post! You're setting the standard! Only thing I can add is a thanks to Jennifer Kosharek for passing that Eternal Network booklet along to me. Cheers!