Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heebee Post #593 - Susanna Lakner (Planet Susannia) - Stuttgart - Germany

Susanna makes her way onto the Affair with a bevy of beautiful and unusual postcards in her inimitable Planet Susannia styles. This one evoking an odd nautical mystery.
There is always the sense that Susanna is having a great deal of fun when creating these lovelies.This one: "Love Controller".
Planet Susannia is an entire universe of action, ideas and fun. The evidence for this is overwhelming!
Another gorgeous card completes this set of four beauties that were submitted by the very likeable artist.
A couple of ATC's were also included in this monumental effort. That envelope was bulging!
Susanna is a wizard at this sort of thing (above) - If you would care to join this clever mail artist - please feel free.
Always a pleasure to have the illustrious Planet Susannia orbiting the Affair. Thank you very much my friend - I am enjoying these immensely (they have a great sense of wonder and class). Planet Susannia. See you soon in the post!

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  1. I´m very glad Test, that my post makes you so much fun! I´m also a great fan of your cards and your amazing visual humour too.
    As I see, my works in envelope arrives America in a much more better condition as single postcards!