Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heebee Post #596 - PC (TICTAC) - Starnburg - Germany

Patrzia's spectacular documentation for her "Message in a Bottle" Mail Art project is large (A4), handsome and a pleasure to behold. This popular project ended recently and the documentation, rather promptly (good show!), was sent out to the participants.
Tic Tac mail art projects are always very tastefully done and this one did not fall short of the Artist's capable reputation (she's got class). I am certainly glad to have participated in the grand endeavor.
This lovely postcard with the very kind words was also inside this large envelope.
What an intriguing looking package this beautiful envelope made for the documentation and completion of another fine Tic Tac production. Thank you very much - Love it! Message in a Bottle.

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