Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heebee Post #597 - Lorraine Kwan - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Lorraine somehow managed to get actress Betty White to model the incredible dress she created and sewed together from the Mail Art she received from her "Fashion" Mail Art call. This is actually quite a remarkable achievement - very ornate and elaborate (and not unlike the uniforms of the Guards of the Wicked Witch's castle in the "Wizard of Oz"!). The Affair is very happy to have been part of this unique project.
Lorraine's friend Margaret, who has a grand reputation for hat making, hams it up with a Turkey helmet of her creation. Looks like Lorraine and friend in the background. These gals are always having fun and their twisted humor is always entertaining. Thank you very much Lorraine. To find out more about that fabulous dress go here: Fashion. Paper and Postage and scroll down a few posts.

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