Friday, May 13, 2011

Heebee Post #595 - Viviana Cernjul - Buenos Aries - Argentina

Viviana sure manages to muster up a whole lot of cheer with her latest work sent in to the Affair. How can you not smile when receiving something with this much sun shiny vibes woven into it. A happy memory of those 1950's style linoleum counter tops that I loved and also reminds me of sugar coated animal cookies with the little dots I greedily consumed as a child.
I have to say, this work of Viviana's sure seemed to tame this Friday the 13th and put me in a tremendous mood. Guess it's the cartoon zaniness with abandon look that I find endearing.
Since you uplifted my day with this glorious mail art action-fun, I sent you a special surprise little package to make your day as well! See you in the mail Viviana and thank you very much! Try her great mail art blog: Mail Art for the World.

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