Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heebee Post #602 - Marina Salmaso - Copenhagen - Denmark

First time Affair visitor Marina Salmaso sends in this action-packed Fluxus/ Dada-esque 'Newsreader' from none other than Lothar Trott from Zurich. Lothar goes on to explain that Fluxus can help you live longer if it is done correctly.
Lothar's hi jinx included a postcard that I created a few weeks ago (left hand side). Comparing my Fluxus girl with Lady Gaga! What is he going on about? That is a good question.
This piece of mail art from Marina has a remarkable artistamp - She incorporates herself onto Italian postage. Nicely done.
Thank you very much Marina (and Lothar). I love that "Marina X" artistamp and the beautiful Danish stamp in the top right. Something is already in the mail to Lothar and now something to Marina as well. I really got a kick out of this 'conspiracy' mail art. Thank you again. Check out her interesting site: Salmaso Artworks.

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  1. All this and Gaga too! A contempo Flux bonanza! Really cool!
    (I know, I know--last month I hardly got to do much at all in art--too many things got in the way. I am still gathering that ephemera, etc. for my first try at your Fluxus Affair challenge. Honest, Test!)