Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heebee Post #703 - Herman Kamphuis -

 Like a sultry panther, this Heebee Jeebee Princess glides through the futuristic 4th Dimension fashion jungle.   Wow Herman, It is difficult to describe the cerebral countenance this card projects - It certainly warrants a refreshing  look at the term 'mighty' and perhaps even 'royal'. Incredible Mail Art!  The adornments along the perimeter create a nice intimate atmosphere for the majestic subject.
This very entertaining postcard is quite large: 6" x 9" and is composed of the most magical scraps, paper cracklings and old snaps that must have been discarded by the neo-archival "Priests of paper". Herman is in a unique category of excellence as he, once again, creates these landmarks in Mail Art.  Thanks very much Mr. K. and I'll be seeing you in the mail!

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