Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heebee Post #708 - Byron Black - Jakarta - Indonesia

 I tried to look up "Blacky's Image Lounge" - the evident sender of this bizarre card, and could not really find out much. I remember a crazy assortment of postcards for sale when I was a kid in the 1960's  - Is this one of those? The large, thick card itself looks and feels aged. So, is this card actually from Byron Black?
Thank you very much for the kind words and I agree with his assessment of Ruud Janssen being rather heroic ("Keeps the aspidistra fluttering?") in the Mail Art world - especially IUOMA.  Super assortment of colorful Indonesian postage too. I shall send something in return - in hope of discovering whom the sender is and what "Keeps the aspidistra fluttering" means.

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