Friday, January 27, 2012

Heebee Post #712 - Joey Patrick - Oakland, California - USA

 Atlas prepares to hurl the planet like a bowling ball through this serene and unsuspecting village setting. It can be like that sometimes in our own lives. Just when we think life is the easiest - the world can come barreling down on you. Hey, the ax can come down on anybody.
Joey expresses his infatuation with the "Duke" (John Wayne) in this hilarious "Oh happy day" altered photo of the famous movie star. Thank you very much for the card - Nice to be getting things from the Bay Area (No. California) where I am from.


  1. its my attempt at a sympathy card

  2. I love this. Simply stunning with the pine cone and Atlas.

  3. Do you know the story behind the village image?I have a rubber stamp of it.
    Anonymous Vizma from IUOMA!?

  4. no idea. i know the image came to me as a sympathy card when my mom passed. i'm recycling, adding stickers and stuff, you know