Monday, January 3, 2011

Heebee Post #504 - Samuel Montalvetti (Part #1) - Buenos Aires - Argentina

A nice start to a new year is having the illustrious Montalvetti back on the Affair. I really am enjoying this first card (above) and demonstrates just what a hipster Samuel really is. Girls and Vinyl LP records - an award winning combo every time. And, I have to confess, reminds me of this song "Put your records on"!
This big fellow is an A4 size and allows me to add my name to a rather interesting list of Mail Artists - some posthumously! What a tremendous interactive Artistamp!
There were many items included in the sizeable Mothership envelope. Above is a few assembled together for display. The center piece, seen folded as a flag, is also shown below, unfolded.
The handsome A4 size Add & Pass seen above is an excellent specimen of it's genre. It seemed almost like a surrealistic 'Wanted Poster' hanging in the splintered saloon of an old lonesome ghost town - so I added the 'wanted'. Sweet!Information for the mail call: "El Bajo" See you in the mail Sam and Sol.
This gorgeous envelope was stuffed to the point of bursting when I received it. Shown above is just part 1 of 2 or 3 subsequent posts because of the quantity. Nevertheless, it is of a quality that deserves a good look. Thank you very much Samuel. Find more of his work here: Mail Art and Visual Poetry . The Affair thanks you for this great stuff and we shall be seeing 'part 2' very soon. And keep an eye on your Mail box!

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