Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Heebee Post #519 - Return of Anonymous - Colorado - USA

Yes, the return of Anonymous and the Affair could not be happier. This posting is actually a collection of 4 large rectangular cards that arrived simultaneously and are a terrific, colorful and vibrant bombardment batch of exquisite Mail Art.
You know, I still miss Joe and it has been a long while. I had been confounded and entertained by him many times over the years. As Campbell liked to say "Follow your bliss"......see what I mean?
These large cards are really eye poppers! I wish I knew who to thank for this extravaganza of grandeur!
Well, thanks very, very much. I really must acknowledge that the effort here was rather tremendous and the Affair recognizes and appreciates the lovely caliber of Mail Art that it is. Nice stuff!

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