Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heebee Post #522 - Nicol A. Kostic (Part #1) - Toledo, Ohio - USA

Nice to find Nicol returning and having fun at the Affair with this Kozmic Dada bulletin. Discovering that the word 'Dada' was not listed here, Nicol creates this 'bulletin' that insists it is indeed listed - if only Kozmically!
Nicol turns in a double shot of postcard antics (actually, there were 5 cards to this batch - the others I am saving for V-Day). This second submission has evidently surpassed the 'cold shoulder' and somebody is really getting the treatment! A fine example of altered card art.
Thank you very much for these great postcards Nicol - I like the way they arrive - like a flock of birds! Here are the reverse sides - not too difficult to discern which ones match their mates. See you in the mail soon Nicol.

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  1. WOW ! Mr. Test,
    YOU sure know how to make a girl look good, thanks for Sharing my efforts,really impressed w/ your presentation ! ( LOOK me up on Fb, & let's connect. )