Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heebee Post #517 - Francoise Cheyne - Gillitts, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa

Fellow 'Alexandrian Artistbook' spellbinder and Mail Artist Francoise sends in her chapter to be included to the international cooperative project. Each artist, 13 total, sent each other a chapter = 13 chapter little/big books. Anyway, this is Francoise's addition - and it is superb! Very well crafted and adorned - with a large dollop of 'class'! Great job.
Really enjoyed the almost ethereal looking 'Pinocchio-ish' sketch/drawings shown here. The power to fascinate is nicely apparent in the panels displayed above. Eight pages per chapter.
The booklet arrived inside of this simple, but handsome and elegant envelope. When I have all 13 of these chapters, here at the Affair, I shall show them off to an unsuspecting world - just as 'Alex' would have liked it! Cheers, Alexandrians! Thank you very much Francoise - love it!

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