Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heebee Post #516 - Horst Baur - Changsha, Hunan - China

Horst Baur drops into the Affair from Changsha, China! At least I think it is Changsha - I had to decipher the Chinese postal code and it is a bit complicated. This very entertaining altered newspaper is fascinating to behold. It is very large 12" x 15" and is a visual feast, too large to scan, so I took several partial scans and pieced them together - click on it twice for a better view. Very cool and clever and a lot to see!
This is only the 2nd item I have ever received from China. I will send something to Horst in return - the only way for that is to cut and paste the above label.
It certainly is great to have Horst here on the Affair. The Altered newspaper he concocted for this submission is nothing short of fantastic! Thank you very much and see ya in the mail!

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