Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heebee Post #510 - C.Z.Lovecraft - Westport, Massachusetts - USA

Welcome back to the Affair my dear CZ. I see by your new return address that you have moved from Cali to Mass - and retired as well! I hope you are enjoying yourself - should be very nice there - as soon as the snow lets up a little. I love the way these Fluxus items just seemed to float into assembly as soon as I opened the envelope. A Lovecraft Fluxus Kit!
CZ writes that he is very interested in answering Mail Calls these days. Since he has just moved, his old California address is on the backs of the cards shown above - His new Address is: CZ Lovecraft 26 Orlando Dr. Westport, MA 02790.
I am always delighted by the colorful envelopes Lovecraft uses in his mail art. They are invariably beautiful, as is this lovely specimen from him. Thank you very much and will send you something interesting quite soon!

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