Friday, May 18, 2012

Heebee Post #764 - Kerry Jeffrey, Postmaster - Cornelius, Oregon - USA

 This handsome homemade postcard is from none other than the Postmaster of the Cornelius, Oregon Post Office, Kerry Jeffrey.  If you had visited Heebee Jeebeeland during January 2010, you would have seen the posts where I had driven down to Oregon to see his postcard show that he presented to the astonished visitors at his Post Office's foyer. It was a beautiful thing and I have a very pleasant memory of the event - put on by an official Postmaster!
 The reason for this "Private Post Card" (nice) being sent is because of National Postcard Week in America.    I am enjoying this card very much - I spent some time just bathing in the memory of the day I visited him. It was very cool folks.
 This is a snap I took of a jovial Kerry while his popular display was up in Jan 2010.  He was nearly overwhelmed by the response to his mail call.
Finally, a commemorative card that I had made for the well received event. Thank you very much Kerry, your simple card made my day! See ya in the mail my friend!

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