Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heebee Post #769 - Torma Cauli - Budapest - Hungary

 It appears that this lovely lady has unpacked and is now ready for fun, as she poses in her comfort filled Heebee Jeebeeland suite. I love the fabulously stitched wallpaper adorning her inter-dimensional room - nice and homey! The colorful aura that envelopes her upper body must be a display of her good mood! Glad you are here my dear.  Nice card Cauli.
Cauli's mail art antics covers a wide spectrum, both visual and textural little works of the Postcard genre. His printing techniques are clever and entertaining as the above panel demonstrates nicely. Cauli, is another one of my faves of the realm. Check him out here: Torma Cauli Mail Art.

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