Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Heebee Post #770 - Lotro! (Lothar Trott) - Zurich - Switzerland

 The Mini-booklet edition Doku #8 has arrived from the fabulously eccentric Dada artist Lotro. I love these wonderful Fluxus updates on Lotro's ongoing project "A card is a card".  What I especially like is the superb mystique Lothar has created around the mail art character Eva Cola. A great wrangled concept by the veteran and well-known Mail Artist. 
Upon opening the little 10 page booklet, I was greeted with this solo collage effort by Lotro.  A glimpse of Pokuland , Lothar's created kingdom, where he reigns with a Dada-esque scepter and good natured sense of humor.  I was about to say "God bless the Lotro's of the world" when it suddenly occured to me that there very well not be any other Lotro's in the world. Glad I am your friend old boy!  
 Lotro's collection of other artists postcard contributions certainly displays an aura of merrymaking whimsy, as Lothar lures it out of the them.
 More of the various artists that participated in the "A card is a card" Doku.  Nice job everyone.
 Above you can spot some of my goofy work in the lower left hand corner. Lothar and I seem to share the same enthusiastic nuttiness for this sort of thing. Both of us are 'old school 'working in 'new School' (or something like that). It always seems new to me!
Here is the list of contributors for Lotro's terrific little artistbook.  Who the heck is Eva Cola anyway?
Finally, both sides of Lotro's organized with chaos decorated envelope. As a mail artist, you just have to love this old, but tireless,  fellow.  I know I do. Thank you very much dear Lotro. I'll be seeing you in the post very soon!

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