Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heebee Post #771 - Otto D Sherman - New York, New York - USA

This is how the fab mail art packet from Otto arrived, 9 panels of postcards affixed together and folded neatly to create an interesting and entertaining decorated envelope, festooned with his unique brand of portrait artistamps that he created.
Unfolding the packet, I was greeted with this informative note from Otto. While surfing the Internet, he discovered my cousin Art Tower's mail art site. He was doubly pleased to find out cousin Arty is also a member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail Artists) as am I. He also happily lists a few well known and accomplished artists  from around the world - and even more of those fantastic artistamps!
The front and reverse sides of two glorious postcards he created.
Both side of two more cards. These give a great sense of ersatz royalty and are wonderful works.
The anatomy and  mechanics of postmark martini growth. Check out the colossal yield when observing the directions properly!
Otto's 'gang of four' is great work. I love the awards and medals that adorn each of these members. It gives them a worthy sense of importance and a dark nobility.  Perfect! Thank you very much Otto - love your work. How about carrying on an exchange? Something on it's way to you soon. To see more medals and artistamps, check this: OTTO ART.

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