Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Heebee Post #772 - Michael Harford (The World is a Town) - North Manchester, Indiana - USA

 Michael sends in this handsome postcard that was created in support of his mail art project call, "The World is a Town".  I love this moody looking scene. The troubled sky, the concern and drama of the fence repair, and those mysterious silver canisters on the left.  Nice card Michael.
 The reverse side finds Michael writing that he received the envelope I had sent for his project, but that it was torn in half with the contents, an original work for the "World is a Town" project,  missing. Ugh! Ah well, what can you do?  Not to worry Michael, I'll be sending off something else soon. Below is the two envelope halves that couldn't handle the Postal Office's sometimes brutal treatment.
The puzzling and grim evidence of the separated decorated envelope ( I borrowed this picture from Michael's mail art site: The World is a Town). Thanks very much old boy, see you in the post box soon.

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