Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heebee Post #785 - Charline Wilson - Kanagawa Prefecture - Japan

 I was quite delighted to discover Charline's Etegami postcard in today's post. Charline and her husband Jeff are friends of mine from here in Washington, that have relocated to Japan.  She has become enamored with the art of Etegami with the guidance of  "a local group" and non other than the Doctor of Mail Art Etegami herself, Dosankodebbie.  Since Charline and Jeff  have lived in Western Washington, she knows it is quite rainy here in June - Hence, her "Rain drops are falling" card, is appropriate (ugh!).  I'm so happy you sent this mail art to me - made my day! I miss you guys.
I'll be sending something off to you both straight away. I had no idea you were now in the fascinating Japan. Thank you very much and I shall be seeing you in the mail my good friends!


  1. I like this one quite a bit. Simple idea that works very well.

  2. I'm glad it arrived safely! :) Can't wait to see what turns up in our mailbox! We have some of your work framed and up in our little house :)