Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heebee Post #773 - DC Spaulding - Lomita, California - USA

 DC sends in this odd commerative regarding the memory of three impish little blonde girls, known as "The clones".  The rather poignant card is actually a tale of  fantasy versus reality. Click on the intriguing story below to be able to read it.
"The clones were always causing problems and never seemed to follow my mother's instructions".  DC turns out a entertaining vignette that ends with "Perhaps now, they reside in my mind".  Nice.  I also like DC's "Vision Without Sight" credo seen near the top. What is this likable and well known artist doing anyway? Just trying to have some fun, I would say!  Thanks very much Mr. Spaulding. I'll be returning some interesting mail to you quite soon.

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