Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Heebee Post #776 - Andrew Topel - Orange City, Florida - USA

 Andrew's first sojourn to the 4th Dimension comes in the form of this intriguing little (5 1/2" x 4" - 25 pages) Artistbook. The booklet is well crafted and much more orderly and above par than most, not to mention a pleasure to read or peruse. Well done!
 The first two pages of "Renegade" are a stylish introduction. Here Andrew explains that the art is actually 'Visual Poetry' and he does it exquisitely well. See the panel on the left above. Yeah, that's what I am talking about.  Visual Poetry, done correctly, is quite powerful!
 These two vibrantly colored worlds are actually much more to the eyes in person. A visual blast is similar to eating Ginger in between different Sushi bites to ensure that the flavors don't mingle, becoming murky. A visual color blast ensures that the Visual Poetry doesn't begin to seem like one big parade of variations.
 Here are a pair of proper Visual poems. I am a big fan of this art form and they really take me away. Fine examples indeed!  Fabulous work!
 On the left (above) is "Digital breakdown of a Poet diagram". Perhaps a close up of the Poet's eye on the right? I like to think so! I love this stuff!
The rather innocuous decorated envelope that held the super little Artist Booklet. Thank you very much Andrew and nice to meet you.  Your " Visual Poems from 2001-2011" is quite enjoyable and I am happy to have received it. I'll be sending something off to you in return very soon. Thank you very much.


  1. Andrew's work is fantastic -- certainly a Lucky day to receive art in the 4th Dimension!

  2. Oh lucky day indeed Lisa. Yes, I hope to maintain an exchange with Andrew - his work is terrific! I would also like to have an exchange with Skybridge as well. Your work is brilliant! I'm sending you something straight away!