Friday, June 29, 2012

Heebee Post #787 - Stan Askew - Pasadena, California - USA

 I couldn't wait to open the thick envelope I received this morning from the well-liked Mail Artist Stan Askew. The above was the first item to greet my anxious eyes. I am loving these 'Sleeping Ferns' from the Heebee Jeebee Jungle floor. Beautiful and yet deadly when disturbed! Great postcard!
 This card is more of the Askew traditional style.  I share Stan's affinity towards odd vintage photos and this one, circa 1944, with the American G.I. and family, is terrific - even though the surrounding landscape appears so forlorn - adding to the curious 'feel' of  the composition.
 Stan knows that I am a huge fan of vintage linen postcards and likes to add to my collection of them. These two are both produced by the fabulous "C.T. Art - Colortone" company, circa 1939. I am fascinated by the old school printing techniques. They are gorgeous.
 The majestic RCA building (top) in NYC looking magnificent in all it's splendor.  Published by Alfred Mainzer Co., circa 1938 - non linen.  The bottom card, luxuriously printed by the Ashville Postcard Co.on linen stock, is a prime example of printing technology in 1939. An incredible card.
 Stan also included this unusual vintage game card - which, at first, I didn't understand.  As you can see, I finally did solve the strange puzzle. Who knew?
Drawing this packet of fun out of my mailbox sure was a delightful chore this morning. Thank you very much Stan. Be seeing you in the mail old boy! Photo Askew.

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