Friday, January 4, 2013

Heebee Post #917 - FRIPS - Ghent - Belgium

I love the way Frips' 'Art-mind' works.  The above composition slowly makes it's appeal to the viewer. In a few moments, it is almost as if a magical memory that is fleeting even as we try to keep focused upon it. Nice job!
Frips also included this photograph she took of the moody trees that look a bit imposing as we look beyond them, into a dark blue twilight sky.
Frips' cat adorns the printed block in this New Year card!  Happy New Year to you too my old friend!
I have a pretty good collection of "Fripspost" artistamps and this interesting block is a nice addition. Her perforations are her own technique and make her stamps into a style that she owns nicely.
Both sides of this incredible carefully sewn together postcard are shown here. It has an odd beauty that the eyes have to admit after some wandering.
Check out Frip's envelope decoration. I love her untamed method that invariably produces a look of something from far, far, away.  She is a champion of mail art and I relish my long time postal exchanges with her. Yeah, I gotta say it - Frips Rocks! See you in the mail my dear. Frips Mail Art.

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