Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heebee Post #921 - Roland Halbritter - Bad Kissingen, Bavaria - Germany

 "Badekuren" = Health Spa. It seems Roland has taken to bathing in the rejuvenating Bavarian mineral water spas. At least his card suggests that the famous German statesman, Otto von Bismarck (seated in boat), is enjoying  the luscious waters. I wish I could join him, the warm water looks great! I hope your Bavarian health excursion does you well Roland.
On the reverse side, Roland explains that this is a free postage card within Germany, but he is not so sure the free postage includes traveling to America but, voila! Here it is! I am always happy to hear from the inimitable Roland.  His projects are top notch and always classy and I have enjoyed his art blogs for years. This freebie postcard is an interesting example of Roland's lighthearted humor.  Happy New Year to you too, Herr Halbritter. May 2013 be a wonderful part of our lives! I am sorry to report that Roland's website may be in danger of ending - See for yourself:  Halbritter Mail Art.  Nevertheless, I'll be seeing you in the mail and I hope you will keep blogging - I love your sites.

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